Considero que la cámara se ve “chafa” con el t4i, prefiero que diga el 650D

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First leaked images of the new Canon mirrorless camera.

Canon T4i rubber grips suffering from chemical reaction


he company says that until suffering the issue were manufactured in a 16 day period between May 31st and June 15th. The rubber manufacturer supplying the grips seems to have used a higher rubber accelerator than normal, resulting in the chemical reaction when exposed to high temperatures or humidity. Zinc bis is also deposited on the grips as a result, which may lead to an allergic skin reaction for some users.

Canon say that they’ll begin swapping out any units that suffer from the issue. To check if your camera is affected, you’ll have to consult your serial number to see if the sixth digit is 1. After you input the full serial number into Canon’s online tool, you’ll be told whether your camera is affected or not. If it is, the company will send out a free replacement in the next couple of weeks.


Leica M Monochrome

La Leica M Monochrome, lleva en su interior un sensor de 18 megapíxeles que solo recoge valores de luminancia y que promete una calidad de imagen asombrosa, con sensibilidad entre 320-10.000 ISO. El resto de especificaciones son semejantes a las de la M9 de la compañía, con visor telemétrico y pantalla posterior de 2.5 pulgadas.

(posiblemente costará al salir a la venta unos míseros 7.000 €)


Let’s have a big giveaway.

I really don’t use any of this stuff anymore, since I got my new phone, laptop, and camera.

Things available to win are based on how many notes this post gets. 

I’ve got an iPod nano touch, 16 GB that I don’t use anymore.
1,000 notes.

Nikon NIKKOR 35-80 f1:4-5.6 AF Lens
3,000 notes.

Nikon N90 SLR Camera
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Nikon N90s SLR Camera
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Samsung Series 5 Laptop
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I know that it depends on your preferences and for me the best one is Canon, simply because is the one I’ve used since I was 5 years old and I simply love it.

But there are people who get really obsessed over nikon or canon and they keep saying that theirs is better and blah blah blah.

So I’m curious, for YOU which one is better Canon or Nikon? and why?
leave me a message in my ask telling me why you love your camera or the brand.

Go on!

Nikon or canon? 


so i have this old macbook laying around. i don’t use it anymore because i have my macbook pro

i don’t tihnk i can sell it for much, so i may as well give it away, yeah?

laptop comes with everything shown in the picture.


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this is a pretty valuable item, so i’ll pick it when the post gets to 5,000 notes.


Canon’s announced their newest DSLR today! 

The Canon 1D-X has some pretty badass specs like 204,000 ISO, 14fps burst mode, built-in LAN for wireless shooting & file transferring, and an 18 MP full frame sensor.

 Canon’s newest DSLR the 1D-X announced today

this is going to be so fucking expensive


~Give Away~

Ok so I got this flip cam for my Christmas last year and I’ve never used it, and then for my birthday (5 months later) I got a new phone which had a video camera on it, so I had no need for it any more and it’s just been lying around my room for a long time so I’ve decided I would give it away :-)

You could win~

  • An ultra HD flip cam
  • A case and strap to go with the flip cam
  • A extendible tripod which the flip cam can be screwed onto

How to win~ 

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  • This contest will end in a week (so on the 28th)

Good luck!! :-D

o_o I really want to make one of this…anyone know a tutorial?

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Did you know you don’t even have to use your hands or neck to carry a camera?

The Capture Camera Clip lets you carry your camera hands-free! It’s safe and sturdy (it can handle up to 100 lbs of force) and keeps your camera ready for shooting!

The Capture Camera Clip - Carry Your Camera Hands Free

Oh desepción

Bueno, ayer fui BestBuy con una amiga y obviamente lo primero que hice fue ir a la sección de cámaras para ver si estaba la que yo quería…y…CHAN CHAN CHAAAAN… estaba!!

Pero..yo nunca había sostenido esa cámara ya que nunca en la vida la había encontrado en otro lado, en fin el  punto es que me emocione y ya agarré la cámara y bueno…no es del todo lo que esperaba refiriendome a que la goma se sien eun poco..hum..chafita =/ ustedes saben y al agarrarla me queda un poco pequeña para mi mano =(.

No tenía batería así que nisiquiera pude se si elegir otra cámara o seguir ahorrando para esa.

Me gustan mucho las  características de esta cámara y todo pero…no se si deba esperar a que Canon saque otra cámara y ver si esta mejor o que onda =/.

Alguien sabe mas o menos cuando sacará Canon otra cámara?.

La cámara de la que estoy hablando es la T3i…

u_u alguien que sepa de cámaras? 



This time it’s a Nikon N90s SLR Camera.

I have 3 of these, and I want to get rid of one.

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Camera comes with a Nikkor 35-80mm 1:4-5.6 Zoom Lens, a battery grip, and a MF-26 Databack.

If you have any questions, let me know through my ask box.

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Good luck!